AFL Clothing and All You Need to Know

A 2014 research by Roy Morgan shows that the AFL has 7.83 million Australians watching it; meaning it is the most popular watched sport. This just shows how people are passionate about the game, and it’s a no wonder that supporters of the game are often spotted rocking AFL clothes, including t-shirts, tops and hats. It’s essential that football fans know the different kinds of AFL clothing available as well as their importance and the places where they can purchase the clothes. This article offers such a guide.

AFL Clothing

Football apparel can be categorized into two groups. There are those for the players and those for the supporters. When it comes to the game of football in Australia, all the players are obliged to wear their apparel while they are playing on the field. For supporters, wearing the clothes is a sign of support to their favorite teams and this is why it is very common to see a vast majority of a home team crowd wearing a variety of team merchandise.

Why It’s Important for Players

Players wear their football clothes, mainly for protection. Each of their designated gears have a role to play in offering protection. Additionally, they are meant to give the players comfort as they play the game, so they can deliver their best. Matching AFL clothes also shows the common members of a team, so they can be easily identifiable by themselves, commentators as well as the fans.

Apparels for Fans

Fans wear football clothes as a sign of support for their favorite team and also to show their pride. It could be the jackets, jerseys, shirts, caps and belts. There are also fans that wear them for fashion purposes on the street; so it’s not necessarily that they have to wear it to the game. Teams also sometimes offer active wear for fans, so they can use when playing casual games.

Apparel Brands

There are a variety of apparel brands that people can choose from. All brands offer a degree of quality for both the players and the supporters. The most common brands however, are the Nike football apparel, Adidas football apparel and the Umbro football apparel for men, women, and children. The apparels from these brands are available in different colors and styles.

Where to Buy

You can buy AFL clothes from various places. Any major brick and mortar sporting goods store stocks a range of AFL clothing. If you are looking forward to matching apparel across a specific brand, locating a manufacturing retail store around you is your best option. Additionally, you can buy AFL clothing online. This option offers buyers the chance to research the different products that are available and also offer the buyer a chance to find the product they want at a good price.

There are many products when it comes to AFL clothing for players and supporters. Buy your football apparel either online or at a brick and motor store to get your specific football apparel.