Common Printer Problems and Solutions for Troubleshooting

Just like other office machines, printers work best under good condition. Proper maintenance of your printer enhances its good workability. However, some common problems may lower the value and speed of your printer. They include high cost of toner, too low printing speed, and windows sending print job to wrong printers, among others. Fortunately, qualified experts from reliable companies for GOM Printer repair Sydney has to offer, have discovered fitting solutions for these problems. Before disposing of that printer of yours which is experiencing such problems, learn about possible solutions.

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Too low printing speed

This normally affects quite a number of printers. It leads to high consumption of ink and lowers the day’s output therefore lowering the printer’s efficiency and printout quality. Even though settings vary by the models of printers, qualified experts for GOM printer repair Sydney has today advise you to follow these setting processes: on the screen, select print and properties then look for a good setting that can reduce the print quality. For instance, for some models like HP, change the default quality from normal to fast draft by clicking screen shot at the right.

Another solution for this is by printing pages from website without graphics. You can also add RAM to your printer if possible. Your printer’s speed can increase after following these points correctly.

High cost of toner

This common problem that most businesspeople and individuals experience with their printers, left unchecked, can really cost you in the end. Some printing companies come out with cheaper printers, which do not work to their efficiency. They sell them at a low price and stick it to you with ultra pricey consumable later. According to qualified experts from reliable companies such as GOM printer repair Sydney, they do not recommend third party renders and remanufactured ink cartridges. This cannot give you what is worth of your money. They also advise you to buy higher capacity cartridges.

If you do a lot of printing work, try an ink cartridge with 250-page yield and above page or a toner cartridge with 2000 and above page yield. For the safety of your GOM global office machine, especially printer experts advise you to follow this process.

Windows sending print job to wrong printer.

For some reasons, windows can select a new default printer that it automatically sends print jobs to. This normally happens for instance if you want to upgrade from vista to windows 7. For you to fix to windows 7 successfully, click the windows icon on the left corner of the screen and select printers and devices. For printers and faxes, right click the printer that you want to make as a default and select set as a default. The windows can then send the print job to your chosen printer. For earlier versions of windows, the steps can vary as advised by experts for GOM printer repairs in the heart of Sydney have for their clients.

Follow these tips and you can avoid many printer problems that can cost you money in the end. For more information about Sydney’s best printer repairs visit