Cosplay the Smart Way! Tips on Choosing Cosplay Costumes from Online Shops

Cosplayers nowadays are either in it for the craft or in it for the fun. Some cosplayers make their costumes out of their love for the character and their love for the arts since it involves sewing, creating weapons out of rubber foam, and other creative proceedings. If you’re in it for the fun, like when taking photoshoots and attending cosplay conventions to meet with other enthusiasts, then you’re no less of a cosplayer than the ones who make their own costumes. Usually, the latter might not be so good at sewing or be making anything out of rubber foam to be used as props. But worry not! There are now virtual shops where you can buy cosplay costumes online that you can fully trust!


cosplay costumes online


But before you go and browse through the wide selection of cosplay costumes online in NZ virtual shop websites, you should also know how to detect high quality ones.


But first… what does a high quality cosplay costume mean?

Since you can’t touch the actual thing or even try it on, how do you carefully recognize which ones are the high quality cosplay costumes online to buy and which ones are of low quality? This article will give you the basics on how to assess the quality of costume you can buy at NZ cosplay costumes online websites:


Signs of a High Quality Cosplay Costume

What is considered as high quality cosplay costume? Even if you have already decided which character you would cosplay, many of those who choose to buy NZ cosplay costumes online are still doubting about whether the one they found online is good in person.


Listed below are the main indicators that you need to check before hitting “Add to Cart”:

High Quality but Comfortable Fabric

Not only must the cosplay costumes online that you see look pretty, it should also feel great on the skin. Especially since you are possibly going to wear it out to conventions where it might get humid due to the people around. To check the fabric, look out for any labels on the product details that say what the costume is made of. Look out for polyester and satin and prioritize cotton fabrics.


Appropriate Size

Always check the size chart and own a measuring tape. Even if you don’t know how to sew, taking your measurements should be a basic skill if you want to buy cosplay costumes online.


Durable Shape and Form

When you’re buying a bulky costume like a frilly skirt with petticoats or an armor made of rubber foam, you have to check with the seller if they provide a good shipping box for them. By clarifying with the seller, you can make sure that the bulky costume will retain its shape.


Great Stitching Work

Ripping seams and popping buttons are the results of carelessness sometimes, but oftentimes it is actually because of the bad stitching work on the costume. To check whether the cosplay costumes online that you will be buying was made with a great stitching job, check these little but significant signs:


    • Check the stitch per inch. The more, the merrier! Or, in this case, the more durable it is!
    • Closely spaced, even, and flat stitches are the best ones


  • Invisible hem stitches
  • Every nook and cranny is double stitched
  • Interfacing for costumes with facings should be there for maximum strength and durability.

The Accessories and Finishings

Embellishes like fancy buttons, ribbons, lace, beadings or jewelry should all be accurate and checked before buying. If you can, check what those accessories and finishings are made of on the product details or with the seller himself.


For more information on choosing cosplay costumes online, check reliable websites like