Features Every Reliable and Investment-Worthy Self-Storage Units

With all the available self storage Sunshine Coast companies offer, looking for a place to store your items during a move, while renovating, or during a particular season is not a problem. What can be a problem is choosing the right unit for your needs.

Good thing there are certain factors that differentiate one provider of Sunshine Coast self storage units from another. Use these as your guide to help narrow down your options.


What to Look for in a Self Storage Sunshine Coast



Is he storage facility secure? Does security extends to each individual unit?

The best provider of self storage in Sunshine Coast will not scrimp on safety and security and will treat every client’s belongings and possessions as their own. So, when choosing a storage unit, check if the facility has 24 hour CCTV security cameras, security lighting, a fully fenced compound, and secure storage units that are all individually alarmed and with personal pin codes.


It will also work to your advantage if there is a manned onsite office, as this means someone is always around to check on the units. Someone is also around to answer your queries or concerns.



Make sure to verify the level of cleanliness a cheap Sunshine Coast self storage has. Take a good look at the structure, particularly the roof and door seals. Even when a storage unit is built indoors, a facility with a little barrier from the harsh weather conditions can cause problems. Click here enterprise storage for more details.


You should also check if it is fully pest controlled so you won’t have to worry about pests causing damage to the items you stored, whatever they may be. Also, ask about sewer drains where stormwater can drain away from the storage units.



How often can you access a self-storage unit? A 7-day access is more than enough, but some facilities offer after-hour access that lets you visit the unit after work or during your most convenient time.


In the event that access is limited, ask if there is someone you can call for assistance outside of the office or operating hours. You’ll never know when you need access to your self-storage unit, anyway.



Make sure to check if insurance is available. Some self storage Sunshine Coast companies offer insurance programs that will add a layer of protection for your valued possessions. If insurance is not offered, ask for a list of preferred insurers that you can contact.


Your homeowners insurance may cover offsite coverage so check with your personal insurance provider. You can also ask if you can add a rider to include coverage for offsite storage units.


Whether part of the package or not, it is important to find options for ensuring contents of a self-storage unit. This will allow you to collect insurance on items in case of property damage or loss.


Based on these factors, you will know which self-storage provider to choose. In the Sunshine Coast, particularly in Caloundra, Enterprise Street Self Storage is the company you can rely on to protect your possessions and keep them safe and intact. Call them today. Visit http://enterprise-storage.com.au/

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