Fly Solo with Professional RTO Consultants

So you are a professional with years and years of experience in your chosen field. You are confident that you are fully equipped with the knowledge to become a trainer and start your own Registered Training Organisation (RTO). RTOs are the ones licensed to give training to students up to industry standards in their field of work. So you’ve started researching the process of getting certified as a government recognised RTO. As you figure out the process, you may be overwhelmed by how complicated it is. Perhaps you even searched for RTO consultants who could help make the process easier for you.


Vivacity, a consulting company located in Newcastle NSW, is one such company that can help you get an RTO certification without all the headaches. The RTO consultants provide quality packaged services that will guide you from beginning to end. They are your helping hand in meeting all the ASQA requirements and providing you with knowledge about the VET System, VET Quality Framework, Australian Quality Framework, and Training Packages. With all the services provided, there will be no room for failure and you will sleep soundly knowing you are in good hands with Vivacity.

Once you get started with your own RTO, Vivacity can also serve as your personal auditing team to keep you consistently up to date and on track with what the government requires. If you have fallen behind standard and will soon be receiving an ASQA audit, Vivacity offers an audit package which includes a 2-day internal audit by Vivacity RTO internal auditors. The audit will test your compliance strengths and weaknesses. After the audit, Vivacity will create a step by step plan for your RTO as they help you implement it so you can get back on track. Vivacity’s RTO consultants will then provide coaching if you are in trouble so you will be fully equipped when ASQA performs an audit on your RTO. Plus, they will support you with strategies for continuous improvement of your company.

Vivacity also provides RTO compliance management to keep you consistently on track with the government requirements and supplement you with documentations, procedures, forms and policies for proper RTO implementation. They will help you maintain the balance of government compliance and business progress. They will keep you up to date in your RTO compliance and ASQA requirements. They provide quality standard policies and compliance procedure handbooks that are customised for your individual RTO. They supplement the company with updated paperwork, training manuals and handbooks, and strategies for a better RTO compliance.

The scope of Vivacity doesn’t end with just internal auditing and RTO compliance management. They have lots of services and approaches that will make you feel fully-equipped in your RTO business. You can even attend their workshops and seminars to enhance your ability as a trainer. Not only that, they also provide coaching, system check, RTO reboot, RTO add-ons, as well as many other packages and services. Basically, Vivacity will make you feel secure as you endeavor to start your RTO business or keep your existing RTO running smoothly. They are the perfect RTO consultancy group that will not only help you get your RTO license but will support you as you move on in your business ventures.