How to Install a Gas Log Fire

Recently, the best gas log fires Melbourne has to offer have grown in popularity replacing the once fave wood fires. Wood fires provide warmth that comforts the tired soul. But, they tend to be messy and space-consuming (not to mention the sweat and toil you have to invest to get the fire going). Luckily, you can still get the warm romantic flames without these inconvenience. Log fires fueled by gas can provide the same beautiful cozy heat. And if you are planning to get one, here are some things you need to consider.

Choose a Model

If you are searching for a unit of gas log fire, you will find a variety of choices that will please your taste. Luminar gas log fire models come in different designs. If you want full functional gas log fire, choose a model that provides high heat output and fan to ensure the whole room gets heated during the cold winter days. If you are installing a fireplace for aesthetic purposes, you can choose the sleek designs with lower output. Prices range from affordable ones with basic features to expensive ones with many features.

Decide Where to Place the Fireplace

Installing a gas fireplace eliminates the need of a chimney. This makes models like the Luminar gas log fire range easy to install. However, you do need to install a vent or a flue for inbuilt and insert fire places. A direct vent, for example, runs from the fireplace through an exterior wall to the outside. For free-standing log fires, you can install a metal flue that runs from the fireplace to the roof. For safety, consult the manufacturer on how and where best to install your chosen model.

Build the Fireplace

Now comes the fun but tedious part. You need skills of a carpenter, mason, electrician and plumber combined to fully accomplish your desired fireplace. Or you can opt to do it yourself. A carpenter and mason can help out in building your fireplace. The plumber can install a gas line and the electrician can run the wires of your gas log fire. Before full construction, it is wise to build a mock fireplace and platform to ensure that you get the right size and design. Also check that the vent and gas log fire are in place before completing the construction. You can contact the best companies of  Illusion Gas Log Fires has to provide full-service installation.

Test the Gas Log Fire

After you have built your fire place, it is time to test the gas log fire. Turn on the unit with lights or in the dark. Some models like Mystique gas log fire give very nice illumination in the dark. The gas log fire models also come in remote-controlled features.  Test the remote controls at different distances especially if your fire log heats up the entire house. Check the fans to ensure full function.

Tip: Wait about three days before you test the unit to ensure that the construction materials used like wet cement or plaster have completely dried.

You can search for the best gas log fires Melbourne has to offer online. You can also search for local companies that provide after sales services for customers. Check out