Various types of Vacuum Lifting equipment and Their Uses

The demand for vacuum lifters in the international market is always rising due to a splurge in industrialization. Hence, there is a need for these lifters for handling of heavy as well as fragile finished products, which are susceptible to damage if not handled properly during transfer and transit. The global commerce for vacuum lifter is being kept under control due to high maintenance and equipment cost. North America and Western Europe are presumed to have highest demand for vacuum lifters in the near future. Also MEA and Asia Pacific are expected to be primary markets for vacuum lifters due to high demand in automobile industry and oil and gas production respectively.



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Reasons behind popularity of the vacuum lifting equipment

In case you are not aware of this incredible engineering feat, then you will be stunned to hear that vacuum lifters are actually the most vital instruments for lifting large and heavy materials. They add to the strength, security and most importantly, stability which normal cranes would fall short of while the heavy load swings back and forth. One finest quality of a vacuum lifter is the innovative means by which it leaves the heavy object unmarked. You can find no dent, no scratches and not even a mark on the edges or along the base where electric chain hoist and hook were installed to ensure a safe lifting process. A vacuum lifting instrument just attaches and sticks, then lifts the object effortlessly.

There are diverse kinds of vacuum lifters available to make one suitable for a specific purpose.

Powered vacuum lifting beans

Especially designed for lifting heavy glass panels, these ingenious vacuum lifters are suitable for horizontal as well as vertical equipment. Obtaining the right type of vacuum lifting equipment is very crucial as glass is extremely fragile and if gets shattered by any chance, it can be fatally dangerous for people in near vicinity. This is where an ergonomically designed vacuum lifting device comes to play for its highly protected suction cups with 90 degree tilt that ensures safe transfer of heavy glass panels without any damage. Generally, powered vacuum lifts can haul up heavier weights than normal vacuum lifts because of the additional energy supply through mains or battery. Click Millsom for more details.

Self-suction lifting beans

This kind of powerless vacuum lifter is ideal if you are looking for saving a few bucks. It is suspended from a chain host hook, and you shall have to lower the equipment to the level of the material that is to be lifted. Then the vacuum gets activated while the machine is pulled upwards, and you can save your money with a mechanical lifting process. There is no need to worry about the safety of your delicate material as these lifters have powerful suction cups for an added security.

Battery operated vacuum lifters

This kind of vacuum lifting equipment can also help you save on your energy bills. It uses a particular source of power to execute specific tasks –

•Alpha battery: Used as a part of the main power or a battery, this lifting equipment can be entirely controlled by a single individual. It is hand operated and suitable for small lifting jobs like plastic, concrete, glass or metal tiles.

• Beta battery: This is devised for an operation that needs individuals to control attaching and lifting of materials like a heavy concrete slab or a natural stone. It creates suction soon after it is placed on the material which can be released through a slide valve.

Therefore, when it comes to lifting heavy materials, you can get a range of vacuum lifting equipment to make the task safe and simple. For more details, visit at